Hospitality Industry Consulting
kOur advisory services listed below, are dedicated to the hospitality industry.


They include project planning, project realization and business support,

with a comprehensive approach, from conceptualization and development,

through to realization of global hospitality projects.


Our full range of services provide unique knowledge on the management 

of hospitality professionals, securing sustainable returns for your investments. 


Bespoke and complete set of services, to add value to, and help defining 

the creation of new hospitality concepts, business models or plans.


Step by step guidance for our client’s project, from the planning

though to the pre- and post-opening, to ensure that investors understand

how to manage relationships with hospitality professionals, and to advise them

on the long term strategies which will yield

sustainable results for their business or project.


Market study
Global market research
Regional market research
Local market research
Hospitality products' concept
Brand research and analysis
Competitors' analysis
Market expectations
Local human resources market research
Business opportunity
 identification and selection
Concept definition
Product definition
Operations process
Feasibility studies
Sustainability studies
Risk analysis
Individual development
Destination development
Business plan drafting
Revenue forecasting
Operational costs forecasting
Return on Investment analysis
Operational model
Budget analysis over 5 years
Budget analysis over 10 years
Cash-flow analysis
Activity plan

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